Monday, February 6, 2012

Heading To Battle

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As I stand amidst the commotion that surrounds me I look back at the
past few months of college. The alarm goes off at 7. You hit the
snooze button with a vengeance, hoping, futilely at that, to make the
day stop. And it never does. You then drag yourself out of bed,
exchange grouchy hellos with your friends, and pause to look around.
Everyone in that classroom would rather be doing anything else than be
there. But who cares? The lecture begins, it’s time to go back to sleep.

The much awaited college festivals have begun! Today, amid the activity, I sense purpose,
determination and passion. College life certainly seems to have taken a 180
degree turn. While our beloved Western Dance Society performs their desi thumkas on
Oh La La, Dramsoc bellows naras with their dhols, I can hear the
debating society scream out against corruption while Echo serenades in
response. The practices are at their peak, the cold, the tiredness,
the workload, nothing can hold us back now. The college festivals are
the highlight of our year, yeh har DU student ke dil ki dhadkan hai,
chehre ki muskaan hain aur jeene ka sahara hai.

The enthusiasm is contagious and energy is bursting from every corner.
Either you participate or you cheer the performances on, there is no
escaping the madness. It seems like we are heading to battle - a battle
against us and the very best versions of us. Participants are armed
with purpose, armoured with determination and have their defenses up
against anything less than the very best.

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