Saturday, February 4, 2012

You Know It's Montage When....!

1. You spot a gang of girls doing a last minute touch-up, eager to introduce their ladkas to the campus they dream about getting into. After a gazillion peeks, from all sides and angles, into the mirror- “Main theek toh lag rahi hoon na!”

2. The boys are bamboozled, visibly. With a racing heart-a sneak, a peek, a stare and a sigh! “ Udhar dekh, teri hone wali bhabhi ja rahi hai” . *hands on heart* “Kya ladki hai yaar!”

3. Flashlights surround the naturally camera savvy kudis and mundas, flaunting themselves in most creative poses. “Main moti toh nahi lag rahi na.” “Ek aur kheecho” “Achchha ek aur” “Bas ek aur”

4. Lady gaga meets mohd rafis , Sheila ki jawaani got the moves like jagger and Tom cruise(s) get to ‘bond’ with the govinda(s) of Delhi university.

5. DJs and artists make the crowd go hysterical, dancing and head banging till the their last drop of energy permits. “Jab tak hai jaan, jaan-e-jahaan, main naachoongi!”

6. Guys skip the free stag entry at 'Hype' only to make it to the JMC fest after a year long wait.

7. Jhoolewala swings the giant wheel like the Boss, as the girls request for ‘thodi der aur bhaiya!’

8. The ladkas leave their ego at home, and oblige with a smile when a cute Montage core committee member tells them to wait awhile before they can enter.

9. Where you can binge on sugar and spice and everything nice under the same roof. Did we say roof? Under the open and inviting February Sun ϑ *Slurp*

10. You see shopaholic girls on prowl, easily spoilt for choice. They gaze, they crave, they lust after the junk jewellery, the ethnic kurtas, the hair braiding, the T Shirts, the long skirts- and scores of other items on display at sassy stalls across the campus. “
Oh my god! That HAS to be a part of my wardrobe.” * “oh wait! That too!”


  1. a very good account of all the madness which comes along with the D-day. A very good observation as well. Eagerly waiting for Montage'12

  2. Thank you soo much ! See you there.